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The House in the Suburbs

The project deals with the adaptation of half of a semi-detached house from the 50s for the needs of a large family. The life of the family today is different than at the time of construction. Today life is not confined to strictly defined rooms. The main requirement of the residents was to create a large space for living together. This was not compatible with the complicated layout of the house made up of many identical rooms. The house had to be radically transformed from the inside, spatially and operationally - the ground floor had to be opened up. This made it necessary to occupy the attic.

StudioORA (original regional architecture)
AuthorJan Veisser
Jan Hora
Barbora Hora
Social mediawww.facebook.com/originalniregionalniarchitektura
Co-authorKarolína Cebová
PhotographerJiří Alexander Bednář, www.jiribednar.com
CollaboratorLandscape architect: Vlasta Hábová
Construction project: Projekce 21
Interior contractor: ACER WOODWAY
Exterior faceted concrete: Rebus
Modern windows: Slavona
Mullioned windows: Truhlářství Brtník