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We proudly invite you to the public space/night club on the river. We are injecting life into the Vltavska underpass, which lost its transit purpose between Hlavkuv bridge and became a place that citizens of Prague try to avoid while visiting the transport intersection at Vltavska. We replaced the vacancy and darkness with freestyle activities’ spots in two stages.

StudioU / U studio [architecture]
re-place [concept of the site revitalisation]
AuthorJiří Kotal, Martin Hrouda, Andrea Nováková, Marek Peřík, Lukáš Kalivoda, Jan Maleček [U / U studio]
Martin Kontra, Richard Preisler [re-place]
Social mediawww.facebook.com/UU.studio.prg
PhotographerJiří Kotal, www.jirikotal.cz
CollaboratorSkatepark contractor: Bonidee Skateparks
Graphic: Revolta [Maxo Šimko]
Painting realization: Jakub Karlík
Light design: Maxo Simko, Jan Poš
Lights contractor: TSK
Ollie the Pig sculpture: Mikoláš Zika + Jan Bejcha