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Villa Sophia is like the center of the Universe around which all of life revolves. When the young couple returned to the Czech Republic from Canada, they both wanted to return into the Prague social life. A house that will allow the combination of work and living, next to each other but at the same time separated, had to meet many demands. It’s built for living, which is matched by the disposition, chosen materials and the integration of technologies into one autonomous system with artificial intelligence.

AuthorDaria Chertkova, Jana Zatlukajová, Krištof Hanzlík, Libor Mládek, Lucie Roubalová, Ĺudmila Koskan, Marie Davidová, Michaela Dlouhá, Martin Gaberle, Michal Krejčík, Markéta Součková, Ondřej Punda, Šimon Kos, Veronika Brůhová, Vojtěch Slabý, project architects
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
CollaboratorStructural analysis: ASP Praha
Builder: Stings 96
Facade: Clearmont
Floors: YS Studio
Interior: In Styl Hořovice
Prototypes: Experis DSKM
Automatized controls: sysloop
Artificial intelligence: EMPYREUM Information Technologies
Garden: Acre