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The task of the city was to design a new kindergarten with a sports focus and a gym building. The nursery school is planned as part of the new development of the Říčany-Větrník area. We designed three objects and connected them to each other – a kindergarten, a gym, and a garden. The gymnasium will be built, while the kindergarten and part of the garden are constructed.

AuthorDavid Kraus
Co-authorMarek Trebuľa
Alina Fornaleva
Šárka Andrlová
Michaela Kubinová
PhotographerFilip Šlapal, www.filipslapal.cz
CollaboratorProject, construction part, statics, all professions: Projecticon [Pavel Ježek, Tomáš Kalous]
Main contractor: Zlínstav
Technical supervision of the investor: Vejvoda
Greenery: Flora Urbanica
Furniture: Kanona
Playground: S.O.S. – DEKORACE