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Libocká Street, which borders the historic Hvězda (Star) Game Reserve on the north side and slopes down from Petřiny to Libocká Pond and Litovický Creek, is not very welcoming at first glance. From the south side it is defined by fragmented original terraced housing supplemented by the remains of grand suburban villas from the late 19th century. Its northern edge is formed in part of its length by a terrain break and a downward slope. Just above the point where the street turns and slopes sharply towards the church of St. Fabian and Sebastian in Liboc, there is an interesting, large and formerly almost impenetrably overgrown plot of land, with several atypical features. The height difference between the street and the base of the Star Nature Reserve wall that encloses it on the south side is as much as fourteen metres, as a near-vertical sandstone cliff between eight and ten metres high divides the land about halfway down.

Studiomartin cenek architecture
AuthorMartin Cenek
Social mediawww.instagram.com/martincenek_architecture
Co-authorTomáš Minarovič
PhotographerMartin Cenek, www.martincenek.com
Drone images: Marek Jehlička, www.skyworker.cz
CollaboratorStructural engineer: František Denk
Plumbing: Tomáš Balažovič
HVAC: Ondřej Zikán
Electrical: Petr Bürger
Fire protection: Jindřiška Hüttnerová
Landscape: Tomáš Sklenář