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Three Houses and a Yard Under Lysá Hora

Three houses and a yard form the maintenance area of the Golf & Ski Resort in Ostravice. At the project's beginning, many considerations were raised about the role of architecture and urbanism in the field of purely pragmatic purpose-built facilities. Today's hectic world bound by economic criteria usually does not leave much space to design these buildings other than by following the most economical architectonic, urbanistic and material solutions. Approaching the brief the other way round became both a clear philosophy and a challenge to our design.

AuthorMartin Šilhan
Jiří Papoušek
Social mediawww.facebook.com/PAPOUSEK.SILHAN.ARCHITECTS
PhotographerPetr Polák, www.petrpolakstudio.cz
CollaboratorConstruction solution: Babka & Šuchma
Statics: Petr Ducháč
Sanitary installations: Kateřina Stratilová
Heating: Jan Beran
Electricity: Jiří Horna
Fire safety concept: Ludmila Plagov
Geology: Libor Vlk