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The park on the Moravian Square in Brno has become a new vibrant place, establishing its own poetics of peace and action, starkly contrasting the city's constant commotion and traffic. The project represents a comprehensive approach to revitalising a heavily frequented public space in Brno’s historic centre, meeting the demands of the 21st century. It incorporates the blue-green infrastructure elements, environmental sustainability requirements and biodiversity, co-creating community, and embracing inclusivity.

StudioConsequence forma architects
AuthorMartin Sládek
Janica Šipulová
Social mediawww.facebook.com/consequenceforma
Design teamLandscape-vegetation solutions: Klára Zahradníčkova
Children's elements, collaboration on the ellipse: Richard Loskot

Project coordinator: Nina Vlček Ličková [Consequence forma architects]
Engineering: Barbora Bělunková [Consequence forma architects]
Landscape architecture, architecture: Jan Schleider, Petra Buganská [Consequence forma architects]
Partial cooperation: Prokop Matěj, Zuzana Včeláková, Katka Hlavičková [Consequence forma architects]

Landscape supervision: Karin Standler
Architectural supervision: Franz Sumnitsch
Rainwater management: Jiří Vítek
Arborist: David Hora
Perennials and bulbs: Ondřej Fous and Michaela Sinkulova
Grass communities: Marie Straková
Budget: Rudolf Hlaváč, Hana Pollertová
Standard furnishing design: mmcité
Statics of the café roof: Radek Bartoněk
Traffic and technical consultation: Petr Bijok
Construction technical consultation: Babka & Šuchma
Gravel technical consultation: Karel Zlatuška
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com