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The ridge of the Stráž mountain towers above Rokytnice. Its western end descends to the rushing waters of the Jizera river and continues eastwards along the Sachrův and Vlčí ridges to the mystical mountain Kotel. The Stráž mountain, or Strážník as the locals call it, was one of the places where signals were sent by fire when enemy armies invaded our lands. The smoke signal was then received by other patrols at Kozákov and sent deeper into Bohemia. Today, fortunately, the fires on the surrounding hills are no longer burning. Rokytnice nad Jizerou has new guards. The town is watched over by four patrons from the coat of arms. Perched on top of the Strážník, they symbolize the four villages that combined to form the town of Rokytnice in ancient times - the Fox, the Bear, the Sheep and the Miner - The Guard Patrol.

StudioMjölk architekti
Social mediawwww.instagram.com/mjolk_architekti
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
CollaboratorArchitecture: Pavlína Müllerová
General contractor: Strix
Statics: RECOC