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The pavilion invites people to a close experience with nature, focusing visitors' attention on the water reservoir - views, sounds, movements. It forces a person to stop, to slow down thanks to the endless view into the treetops, the defined view of the boundless calm water surface and the gentle closure from the surrounding bustle of everyday life. The interior of the pavilion comfortably accommodates 6 people, sitting face-to-face around the table during the tea ceremony, which gives the ceremony a certain impression of intimacy. The subtle/light, open construction refers to the traditional Japanese interior but brings modern elements into it. It fits harmoniously and delicately into the surrounding environment.

StudioGRAU architects
AuthorAndrej Olah
Filip Marčák
Jana Filípková
Alexandra Májska
Social mediawww.instagram.com/grauarchitects
Co-author[students, workshop participants] Julia Kurnik, Alicja Łosik, Alexandra Gospodarek, Katarzyna Owczarska, Maria Pawłova, Maciej Kuratczyk, Michał Teodorczyk, Jan Chmurski
PhotographerMatej Hakár, www.matejhakar.com