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The impulse for the proposal of the leisure activity park in Řeporyje came straight from the residents of the city district and their need for a multifunctional sports and leisure activity area. Our goal was to create a safe and attractive public space, that will bring variability of use for various ages and social groups.

StudioU / U studio
AuthorJiří Kotal
Martin Hrouda
Jan Maleček
Social mediawww.facebook.com/UU.studio.prg
PhotographerJiří Kotal, www.jirikotal.cz
CollaboratorAuthor of Ball of Circles sculpture: Čestmir Suška
Author of Kickflip sculpture: Lukáš Rais
Wooden elements contractor: Gardenline
Skatepark contractor: Mystic Constructions
Art subsidy: "Art for the City" Program