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The project brief was to refurbish the interior of one floor of a multi-generational Secession villa and to allocate a separate apartment unit due to the need for a greater degree of privacy for a young couple. The concept of three main passage rooms was retained, which now serve as a living kitchen, the middle room as a study with a library, and two separate dressing rooms. The third room within this enfilade is completed by a bedroom, from which a second bathroom with shower is newly accessible. The latter originally served as a kitchenette, accessible only from the level of the intermediate staircase. The second zone of the apartment is understood and used rather as a more spacious working bathroom with a washing machine and a spare room for a guest or possibly a child.

Studiosvobodová blaha
AuthorAnna Svobodová
Ondřej Blaha
Social mediawww.instagram.com/svobodovablaha
Photographersvobodová blaha, www.svobodovablaha.com
CollaboratorPaintings: Ivana Svobodová, Ladislav Klusáček
Carpenter: Petr Datel
Masonry: Kámen Engineering
Locksmith: PLECHEM [Jan Luksík]