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Vladimír Bachorík, a sculptor and glassmaker, has always worked in his apartment in a Prague housing estate – that is why he wanted to design a glass workspace as part of a total reconstruction. What he did not want was a door. An unusual assignment has the valuable potential to generate unusual solutions, which we decided to use as an experiment: what are the maximum possibilities of a classic prefabricated flat? How far can we go?

AuthorDavid Neuhäusl
Matěj Hunal
Social mediawww.instagram.com/neuhauslhunal
Co-authorPavla Daniels
Alžběta Nováková
PhotographerRadek Úlehla, www.radekulehla.com
CollaboratorConstruction: BORCI
U-profiled glass partitions: GLASS lines
Tiles supplier: Archtiles
Lighting: ATEH lighting