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We initiated the project as architects who live in the area and perceive the lack of facilities for swimming with children both in the immediate vicinity and in Prague as a whole. We work with “urban intervention“; to unveil the potential of the place connecting it with the concept we have been dealing with for several years. Part of the project is to seize a locality that we know intimately and breathe new life into it, taking the opportunity to revitalize other parts of the park, which for a long time have not received enough attention and do not have the resources to carry out their maintenance and restoration.

StudioPetr Janda / brainwork
AuthorPetr Janda
Social mediawww.facebook.com/petrjandabrainwork
Design teamDavid Fořt
Kateřina Tšponová
PhotographerVisualizations: SDAR., sdar.cz
CollaboratorStatics: Jan Tomšů [Agile Consulting Engineers]
Pool technology: Boris Herman