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Reconstruction of Polánka Kindergarten

About 3 km from the centre of Moravský Krumlov is the local part of Polánka. There is a reconstructed kindergarten in the former municipal school, which is the most important building of the local public life after the pub and the church. The main operation of the kindergarten takes place on the first floor, and in addition to it there is also a shop on the ground floor of the building and facilities for the Polanka Citizens' Association, which provides cultural events for the village.

AuthorRadek Pasterný, lead architect
Social mediawww.facebook.com/cl3arch
Co-authorDavid Bureš, architect
Kristýna Kapraľová, co-author of interior
PhotographerTomáš Slavík, www.tomasslavik.cz
CollaboratorGarden: Stanislav Schwarz
Statics: Petr Ducháč
Technical installations: TPS projekt
Fire safety: Daniela Kudrová
Lighting: Ateh [Milan Vyskočil]
Construction contractor: OSP Moravský Krumlov