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The changes in working habits brought about by digitalisation, which the pandemic has only hastened, are part of Price f(x)'s identity. The management and employees of Price f(x) use their offices primarily for meetings that stimulate creative dialogue. By their very nature, they are an open space for variable use, not subject to the stereotypes of work cubicles or traditional open space. Already in 2015, our design for the first floor of the offices responded to these visionary impulses. We proceeded with the addition of another floor in 2020 during a pandemic that has exacerbated some aspects of office co-use.

AuthorKrištof Hanzlík
Šimon Kos
Adam Kössler
Libor Mládek
Mark Kelly
Social mediawww.instagram.com/collcoll.cc
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
CollaboratorProject managment: Veronika Horáčkova, Kateřina Nováková
General contractor: Capexus [construction manager Tomáš Dvorský]
General engineer: Bauhanz
Metering and regulation, lighting solution: sysloop engineering
Electric engineering: COM project
Audio-video: AV24
Construction solutions: STASAPO
Joinery products / custom-made furniture: Olbert Tomáš
Slide: Alfeko
Locksmith construction: Tomáš Koudelka
Graphic design, illustrations: Klára Tesárová
Stickers: Michal Orlovský