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České Budějovice is a surprising city, with a compact historical center rich in architectural detail and quality. It is also a city with youthful energy, seeming to be as recreational as it is historical and cultural. Its Old Town is bordered to the North-East with green and parks, while its South-West edge has the confluence of two streams coming into the Vltava River. We find, therefore, České Budějovice to have an inspiring, sort of quiet, dynamic – it is a place of cyclical movement energies created by a collection of trajectories – from roads, bridges, creeks/streams, parks and building clusters.

StudioCMC architects
AuthorDavid Richard Chisholm, principal architect
Vít Máslo, principal architect
Co-authorMartina Chisholm, design partner
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
CollaboratorProject engineer: Zdenek Brancuzky
Project architect: Zuzana Svitakova [CMC architects]
MEP coordinator: Jiri Klima [CMC architects]
MEP: Tepros