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Piano Nobile Loft & Round Wall Studio

This gut renovation opens up and modernizes the interiors of two apartments in a dilapidated historic Palazzo in Brescia, Italy, while restoring the original grandeur of the spaces. Interestingly, the units are positioned on subsequent floors, sharing, as it were, the same perimeter outline. By virtue of their different ceiling heights, however, they engender discrete architectural responses. On the second floor, the Piano Nobile Loft expands vertically, taking advantage of the 4.4-meter high ceiling. The Round Wall Studio, on the third floor, develops horizontally with a series of partial-height partitions.

Studioalepreda architecture
AuthorAlessandro Preda
Social mediawww.instagram.com/ale_preda
PhotographerOttavio Tomasini, www.ottaviotomasini.it
CollaboratorStructural Engineer & Technical Support: Studio Tecnico Zampedrini
General Contractor: Green Cantieri