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The design of the reconstruction and extension of Pavilion Z is based on the original shape of the building. It consisted of three increasing blocks, where the smallest one is near the ground and the volume increases and gets heavier towards the top. The A8000 studio, however, builds on it seamlessly. The inspiration for the reconstruction was a plant motif and the process of bonsai breeding. In the same way that a carefully selected portion of the leaves is cut from the plant to achieve a new airy and original look, the architects stripped away the individual period deposits and random layers that were not conducive to the building's appearance. Parts of the original mass are removed - glazed to give the final effect an airy and elegant appearance. The original pavilion has been stripped to the bone. The exposed steel skeleton is newly admitted and elevated to the initial principle of the interior.

AuthorMartin Krupauer
Pavel Kvintus
Daniel Jeniště
Petr Hornát
Social mediawww.facebook.com/a8000.cz
Design teamAnežka Vonášková, Jaroslav Kedaj [architecture]
Zdeněk Fux, Milan Oktabec, Ladislav Krlín [architectural and building solutions]
PhotographerOndřej Bouška, www.ondrejbouska.com
CollaboratorConstruction contractor: OHL ŽS
Technical contractor: ŠTROB & SPOL.
Statics: STATIKON Solutions