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In the Czech Republic, over 3 million people live in prefabricated residential buildings since the second half of the 20th century, which they own in shared ownership. Houses often have dozens of owners of different ages and social statuses with various requirements and it is very difficult for them to agree on anything in such a large number. The reality then is that any building adaptations beyond basic maintenance work are very rare or downright impossible. That's why we found it very interesting when the homeowners of one such residential block from the 1970s approached us with a fairly general task on how their home could be improved.

Studiore:architekti studio
AuthorDavid Pavlišta
Ondřej Synek
Jan Vlach
Jiří Žid
Michal Kuzemenský
Vojtěch Ružbatský
Social mediawww.instagram.com/rearchitekti
PhotographerOndřej Bouška, www.ondrejbouska.com
CollaboratorStatics: Ivan Beneš
Fire safety solutions: Emil Faltejsek