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An old mill stands by the stream. The young family decides to settle here. Generations take turns, however the respect for the work of the elderly remains. A new house is being built on the floor plan of the original chicken coops and sheds. What remains is the language that both generations can speak. The new objects respect the original ones in materials and forms, without fear of today and its needs. The new building and its face, as if here, above the church in Opatová, have always been.

StudioRDTH architekti
AuthorRené Dlesk
Tamara Kolaříková
Social mediawww.instagram.com/rdtharchitekti
Design teamTomáš Oriešek
Ján Madura
PhotographerFilip Beránek, www.filipberanek.com
Drone photo credits: Mário Puškarev
CollaboratorLandscape architect: Land05 [Martina Forejtová]
Structural engineering: Rudolf Babulík, Jan Čadílek, MIRHAUS
General contractor: MIRHAUS