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Moments of History / The Time Corridor

Multimedia exhibition in the corridor between historical and new building of the National Museum in Prague.

Loom on the Moon
Pink Production
AuthorMartin Hejl, director, producer, architect
Lenka Hejlová, architect, producer
Petr Janák, head animator
Ján Nálepa, light art
Karel Poupě, director, producer
Long Phi Trieu, head illustrator
Websitewww.kolmo.eu, www.loomonthemoon.com, www.bypink.cz
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
Collaborator3D animation: NotReal
Postproduction: Magiclab
Graphic design: superlative.works
Construction: Allegro, Stavant
Acoustic solution: Aveton
Stoneworks: Foit kamenictví
Technical supervision: VH Steel and Construction
Prints: Virgo Advertising
Programming: MetaMechanics