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Walking down the Dukelských hrdinů Street to the Veletržní Palace, an inconspicuous play of light and shadow of a haiku, casted by the sun through the shop windows into the interior, encourages one to stop and think.

Studioesté architekti
Social mediawww.instagram.com/estearchitekti
PhotographerStudio Flusser, www.studioflusser.com
CollaboratorConstruction project: Coplan
Brand and graphic design: Roman Černohous
Carpentry: Petr Vodička [Manifik]
Realization: FQC [Martin Fischer, Monika Fischerová]
Neon and advertising: AZ GRAV [Přemysl Panuška]
Wall finishes: Malířství Vaculovič
Lighting: Petr Londin [Syvel]
Interior greenery concept: Eva Čapková + Matouš Hydroponie