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LIVESPORT – Offices as Digital Playground

The new offices of Livesport company build upon the previous floors, combining sports and modern technology. The designed space continues to develop sporting ideas, but the inspiration was not the match itself, but rather the hard work of training and self-improvement in preparation. The design was inspired by a generic gym that can be adapted for training various office activities using exercise equipment. The gym is defined on the floor by a constant surface of carpet squares and on the ceiling by a regular grid of spotlights and a seamless ceiling.

StudioStudio Reaktor
AuthorJakub Heidler
Jan Kačer
Social mediawww.facebook.com/studioreaktorCR
Co-authorMarek Svoboda
Lukáš Bakši
Jáchym Bondy
Jurij Lyzhanov
Barbora Licková
Tomáš Ploc
Lukáš Král
PhotographerStudio Flusser, www.studioflusser.com