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How do you create one open space out of a large multi-room apartment so that there doesn't have to be a door between rooms because the client wanted as few as possible, but you still felt like the rooms were separated? We tried to clean the whole space, to use the existing structural and technical parameters of the apartment. The reinforced concrete ceiling structure with ribs was also exposed. This gave the apartment a rawer character.

StudioMarkéta Bromová architekti
AuthorMarkéta Bromová
Social mediawww.instagram.com/marketa_bromova_architekti
Design teamDominika Galandová
PhotographerVeronika Raffajová
CollaboratorCustom made concrete kitchen countertop and sinks: Burning Vibe
Concrete floor screed surface: Concrete Group
Metalsmith works: DEMO Works
Carpenter works: Lemberk
Pivot doors: Dorsis