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The site formerly housed an old brick factory complex. Flying above the location in a helicopter, the owner became fascinated by the site and immediately bought it. Initially, a small architectural design competition was held between three competing architects. Having won the competition the project was moved forward, and our studio proposed a design whose principal idea lay in utilising the house’s openings to provide views of the individual peaks of the Czech Bohemian Uplands. The central corridor of the house offers views to both Mount Říp and the ruins of the gothic Hazmburk castle; the dining room and kitchen provide a panoramic view of the whole Czech Bohemian Uplands.

AuthorAleš Lapka, lead architect
Petr Kolář, lead architect
Social mediawww.facebook.com/ADR-Architektura-Design-Realizace-769693126751476
Co-authorJana Zoubková, architect
Anna Matoušková, architect
Walter Schubert, architect
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
CollaboratorConsulting, engineers documents’ designer: AED project