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A top notch bar! A new wine selling, tasting, and exhibiting space opened in the recently completed Rustonka office complex on Rohanské nábřeží (embankment) – Kolby Wine Bar. Aside from being a public bar, it is also intended for private celebrations and company events. The entire space is designed as an exhibition and presentation of the wines of Kolby vineyards. This modest interior forms a chic background and aims at focusing the attention to the most important item, and that is wine.

StudioCMC architects
AuthorDavid Richard Chisholm, principal architect
Vít Máslo, principal architect
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
CollaboratorArchitect: Evžen Dub, Pavel Paseka, Michaela Václavská
Graphic design: Side2