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Prior loosely connects observations from neuroscientific disciplines in the practice of designing play installations. The spatial layout is conceived with the targeted intention of stimulating different functions of the human physical and mental apparatus. The combination of optic and haptic sensations in a parallel scenario conveys the visitor, the participant, into an unusual situation. The result of the stimulation is a disruptive reaction, which initiates the organism’s adaptation process. Adaptation is a key mechanism that connects play, learning, and the perception of a work of art.

StudioS K U L L studio
AuthorMatej Hajek
Social mediawww.instagram.com/skull_studio_prague
PhotographerBet Orten, www.betorten.com
Josema Cutillas, www.josemacutillas.com
Collaborator3D model and engineering drawings: lilipskij studio [Daniel Lipskij, Irina Li]