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The client's wish was to design a family home on the site of an original holiday hut, which he used to go to since childhood. It was clear that the hut had to go, but its appearance partly influenced the appearance of the new building. The new zoning plan in the entire area is set for the construction of family homes, so the huts here are gradually disappearing. We agreed with the client that due to the character of the area and the sentimental relationship to the original building, it would be appropriate to take into account the appearance and shape of the old hut.

StudioAtelier Hajný
AuthorMartin Hajný
Social mediawww.facebook.com/atelierhajny
Co-authorAlex Yeloyeva
PhotographerRadek Úlehla, www.radekulehla.com
CollaboratorProject documentation and construction: 3AE