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The design of the new cemetery is based on existing qualities of the area – treetops of an elderly chestnut alley, horizons of surrounding fields, existing cemetery wall, chapel of St. Wenceslas, and axis of a trail leading to the rocky lookout towards Goat ridges.

StudioObjektor architekti
AuthorVáclav Šuba
Jakub Červenka
Social mediawww.instagram.com/objektor_architekti
Co-authorMartin Jan Rosa
Design teamLandscape architecture: Lucie Medková, Vendula Krausová [kontinual], www.kontinual.cz
PhotographerPavel Kučera, www.pkucera-photo.com
CollaboratorGraphic design: Jan Stuchlík
Structural engineer: Vojtěch Černohorský
Investor's technical supervision: Filip Chmel