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The New Provostry is a historical building from 1877, built in the neo-Gothic style, adjacent to St. Vitus Cathedral in the heart of Prague Castle. Originally intended as the residence of the provost, the building was confiscated in the early 1950s and has largely remained abandoned since then. During the communist era, the courtyard and associated outbuildings were completely destroyed, and the main building was used as barracks for construction workers. In 2016, the New Provostry was returned to the Church under the restitution law.

StudioStudio acht
AuthorVáclav Hlaváček, chief architect
Social mediawww.instagram.com/studio_acht_architects
Co-authorMikuláš Wittlich, lead project engineer
Pavel Jakoubek, lead project engineer
PhotographerTomáš Slavík, www.tomasslavik.cz
CollaboratorStructural engineering: Jan Zima
General contractor: ARCHATT