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Malvína and Eda are exacting clients. Shaped by their one-year long lives, they can show a smile spread across just a few teeth or burst into tears without compromise. They are not interested in architecture. They are passionate about their mum and dad, but even the best of parents are required to join the adult world for a time. They leave their most precious ones in the care of smiling nannies in Malvína Day Nursery among other children between nine months and two years. But what can we offer little Malvína and Eda to make them contented?

StudioNo Architects
AuthorJakub Filip Novák, principal architect
Daniela Baráčková, principal architect
Social mediawww.facebook.com/noarchitectscz
Co-authorBarbora Jelínek, architect
Kristýna Plischková, architect
PhotographerStudio Flusser, www.studioflusser.com