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Mallorca is an island full of beautiful natural landscapes together with picturesque stone towns full of history and tradition. We came as unaware visitors, who learned step by step how to enter the mediterranean territory with respect to the vernacular architecture.

Studiobeef architekti
AuthorRadoslav Buzinkay, architect
Andrej Ferenčík, architect
Jakub Viskupič, architect
Ján Šimko, architect
Social mediawww.facebook.com/beefarchitekti
Design teamHelena Kučerová
PhotographerTomeu Canyellas, www.tomeucanyellas.com
CollaboratorLocal architect: 3de3arquitectes
Project manager: About Living
Construction company: Grupo Ferrá
Carpentry work: Nadal mobiliari
Garden: Mallorca Eden Jardin