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The Brownfield (Drátovny a Šroubárny n.p. industrial estate) was established in 1872 by the Prague Association of Ironworks near the Prague – Dresden railway line by the Vltava river. It significantly influenced the development of the nearby municipalities and has left a considerable mark on this locality, giving it a unique character and ambience. In the past, more than 1600 people lived and worked here; nowadays it is less than a hundred, even though there is almost everything here: housing, railway, technical infrastructure, river, grown trees and, first and foremost, genius loci.

StudioAtelier Hoffman
AuthorPatrik Hoffman, principal architect
Co-authorSimona Benátská , architect
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com
CollaboratorArchitect: Matyáš Švejdík, Rudolf Pástor, Tomáš Havlíček
Garden project/design: Terra Florida - Lucie Vogelová
Construction work: Družstvo Alfex – stavby