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The Automatic Mills, a national cultural monument, is one of the first buildings designed by the architect Josef Gočár. Standing on the banks of the Chrudimka River in the centre of Pardubice, the monumental mill building was created in 1909 for the Winternitz brothers. In 1924, the complex was extended to include a grain silo, the conversion of which we designed. The automatic mills operated continuously for more than 100 years until 2013. Since 2016, the mill brownfield has been undergoing transformation into a cultural and social urban district, thanks to the initiative of the Automatic Mills Foundation.

StudioProkš Přikryl architekti
AuthorMartin Prokš, Marek Přikryl
Social mediawww.instagram.com/proksprikryl
PhotographerPetr Polák, petrpolakstudio.cz
CollaboratorCivil engineer: Jan Kolář
Concrete structures: MDS Projekt
Steel structures: STA-CON
Fire safety: Projekty PO
Ventilation: Mikroklima
Plumbing: MK Profi
Electrics: Miroslav Bouček
Acoustics, A/V media: SONING
Lighting: Ladislav Tikovský [AST]
Measurement and regulation: TECONT
Geothermal boreholes: GEROTOP
Heating: Jiří Vik
Graphical system: Richard Wilde [publikum.design]
Main contractor: STAKO Hradec Králové