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The original assignment was to transform the vaulted interior of an Old Town house into an inviting and cosy place dedicated to the exquisite taste of natural wines. In other words, to fit the purpose of the Autentista Wine Bar. Mr Bogdan Trojak and Mr Antonín Suchánek, the bar owners (not to mention the men behind the successful wine festival “Praha pije víno” or “Prague drinks wine”), expressed their wish to create a space with an atmosphere that would be in harmony with the wines. Authentic wines are a luxury, so the idea was for it to be just as luxurious as the product itself, yet still simple and natural, for such is the reality of authentic wine production.

AuthorKatarína Varsová, interior designer
Jan Roučka, interior designer
Co-authorDagmar Štěpánová, interior designer
PhotographerBoysPlayNice, www.boysplaynice.com