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Apartment Block Bratislavská 51

Client’s goal was to create low-cost rental living units that would reflect the current needs of city residents and so the task was to meet the housing requirements of disadvantaged groups, e.g. those who would not get a mortgage.

AuthorRoman Gale
David Bureš
Radek Pasterný
Social mediawww.facebook.com/cl3arch
PhotographerTomáš Slavík, www.tomasslavik.cz
Barbora Kudelová
CollaboratorConstruction: Babka a Šuchma
Exemplary apartment design: Holky rády architekturu [Barbora Kudelová, Kristýna Sirová]
Sanitary installations: TPS projekt
Statics: Petr Ducháč
Fire safety installations: Radim Staviař
Realization: IMOS Brno