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The innovative Czech company So Concrete, which is successfully developing the field of robotic construction technologies, designed and realized the project of the unique Výstaviště tram stop in Holešovice, Prague. The construction of the stop uses the natural principles of internal force distribution or pressures and tensions in the structure, and the resulting design is not only unique, but above all maximally efficient. Compared to conventional technologies, this approach saves up to 60% of material, and in terms of economics and sustainability, robotic 3D printing of high-performance concrete can be considered the technology of the future. This Prague tram stop, with a minimal share of human labour, is So Concrete's first intervention in the field of urban furniture.

StudioSo Concrete
Social mediawww.linkedin.com/company/so-concrete
PhotographerTomáš Hejzlar, www.tomashejzlar.cz
CollaboratorPlacement and technology support: Prague City
Placement and energy supply connection: Prague Public Transit Company
Independent structural analysis: Stráský, Hustý a partneři
Preparatory excavation work and asphalt surface: Premio Invest
E-ink display supplier: TechnoCast
Electrical installations: Elektroline